DC Power Supplies

These are our controlled DC power supplies.

All these power supplies are controlled via analog or digital interface. You can set the output voltage to any value between 0 and 100%.

Typical applications as process source

  • galvanics & plating
  • driving electric magnets
  • electro-deionisation
  • welding

Typical applications as drivers for generators

  • RF generators
  • medium frequency generators
  • high voltage generators
  • linear laser diodes drivers

Unified DC Power Supplies 2400-5000W


More Info | Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)

    • enclosed switchmode supply
    • full digital control
    • 2400W / 5000W
    • 230Vac or 3x400Vac mains
    • flexible control interface

4-8kW High Speed Power Supplies


    • open-frame switchmode supply
    • full microprocessor control
    • output 0-50Vdc .. 0-150Vdc
    • 3x400Vac mains
    • analog control interface

More Info | Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)

2kW Power Supplies


More Info | Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)

    • open-frame controlled switchmode supply
    • output 0-28Vdc .. 0-300Vdc
    • active power factor correction
    • 230Vac mains