4/8 kW Power Supplies


Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)

This is our open-frame 4kW or 8kW power supply. It is ideal for integration with other power electronics in the same enclosure, such as supplies for heating, plating or welding, for radio frequency generators, laser diode drivers, flashlamp drivers or capacitor bank chargers.

It features remote-controlled output voltage with 0-100% range. We offer models with output voltages from 50V to 150V for mains voltages of 3x400Vac.

Due to its pulse-by-pulse control circuit the 4/8kW power supplies exhibit immediate reaction to overload or overvoltage conditions. There is no restriction on the repetition rate of overload or short conditions at the output. It is ideal for volatile loads, to recharge capacitor banks or as RF generator supply.

A microprocessor controls the operation of the power supply including soft start and inrush current limitation. All adjustments are stored in memory. Thus there are no trimmers which the end user may manipulate.

Its well dimensioned power semiconductors result in a low operating temperature and thus a high reliability.

It features an powerful integrated auxilary power supply 15V / 150W for your electronics.

You will require an external air or water cooler to mount the 4/8kW power supply. This cooler will carry also your electronics. Overall dimensions are 400 x 260 mm with a low profile of only 65mm. The dimensions are specified for mounting the unit into a 19 inch case. It requires only two height units including a water cooler.

A high-performance mains filter reducing the interference level is available as an option.

Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)


  • immediate reaction to overcurrent, overvoltage or shorts
  • high speed current limiting/regulation
  • remote control input
  • microprocessor controlled


  • supply for volatile loads
  • RF generators
  • electroplating
  • welding
  • high power laser diode driver
  • preregulator for linear laser diode driver
  • capacitor bank recharger

Shortform Data

property value
output current 53-160 A
output voltage 50-150 V
output power 4000-8000 W
mains voltage 3x 400 Vac

Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)