Flashlamp Supply Pulse2004


Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)

This is our supply for pulsed xenon flash lamps in cosmetic devices for intense pulsed light (IPL), also for solid state lasers and lithograhpy. It is a ready-to-go all-in-one solution for buliding your IPL system.

System design becomes exteremely simple: mounting and connection is easy. no external components required: simmer, booster and ignition circuits are built-in.

All you need to complete your IPL system are:

  • flashlamp assembly
  • watercooler (heat exchanger)
  • operating panel (display, PC)

The Pulse2004 driver unit controls the lamp current during each pulse. It does not just discharge a capacitor into the lamp. This means enhanced lamp life, compensation for aging lamp and very tight control of the energy applicated to the client.

Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)


  • pulsed and cw operation, alternating
  • power factor correction (PFC)
  • ignition transformer, booster and simmer source built in
  • adjustable simmer current
  • compact dimensions
  • easy mounting
  • low noise level by high switching frequency


  • intense pulsed light (IPL)
  • dermatology (medical or cosmetic skin treatment)
  • depilation (hair removal from the skin)
  • pulsed and cw solid state lasers (YAG)
  • photo exposure (lithography)

Shortform Data

property value
pulse current 300 A
pulse voltage 400 V
pulse energy 1300 J
average power 1000 W
recommended lamp k0 12..20 V/sqrt(A)
dimensions (WxLxH) 300x300x300 mm3
weight 18 kg

Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)