Unified Dc Power Supplies


Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)

This our new range of variable output switch-mode power supplies with many mounting options, variable interfaces and identical behaviour across all models.

It features remote-controlled output voltage and current with 0-100% range and active power factor correction. We offer models with output voltages from 50V to 400V with 2400W and 5000W.

Its compact case with many mounting options fits inside 19 inch enclosures: 2HE up to 2400W, 3HE for 5000W. Easy mounting with integrated threaded holes on five sides, plus brackets supplied to mount unit from top.

Its state of the art power electronics features full digital control. Plus the pulse-by-pulse control scheme ensures immediate reaction to load or setpoint variations. It is ideal for volatile loads, to recharge pulse capacitor banks or as RF generator supply.

Its well dimensioned power semiconductors result in a low operating temperature and thus a high reliability.

There are many interface options available, the interface itself can be exchanged later. You have the choice between digital interfaces (CAN, RS-232, …) or analog interfaces (voltage, current loop) plus custom interfaces.

Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)


  • immediate reaction to overcurrent, overvoltage or shorts
  • high speed current limiting/regulation
  • full digital control
  • flexible interface
  • identical behaviour across all models
  • many mounting options


  • supply for volatile loads
  • electro-deonionisation
  • RF generators
  • electroplating
  • welding
  • high power laser diode driver
  • preregulator for linear laser diode driver
  • capacitor bank recharger

Shortform Data

property value
output current 6-100 A
output voltage 50-400 V
output power 2400-5000 W
mains voltage 230 Vac or 3x 400 Vac

Datasheet (pdf) | Datasheet (German, pdf)